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Presentation of the RSH

« Disability is not inability ! »

Stephen hawking

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) certainly speaks to you?

It is the implementation of sustainable development by companies.

In order to fully achieve this, a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and grass-roots concerns must be undertaken in close collaboration with stakeholders.

HACTIF develops your RSH (Corporate Social Responsibility for Disability)

RSH: giving companies the tools to implement a disability policy that goes beyond the Employment Obligations for Disabled Workers.

To this end, we support companies in building a disability policy in compliance with the Employment Obligation for Disabled Workers.

These obligations are part of the 21 criteria in the development of a CSR strategy.

Our strength:

  • Competent and experienced professionals in the field of disability inclusion;
  • Services at the disposal of companies:
    • Recruitment,
    • Preservation of employment,
    • Accessibility, accommodation and adaptability of workstations,
    • Training,
    • Awareness raising, animation, communication...

The RSH? A competitive factor for your company.

Companies are now willing to meet their obligations. However, they lack knowledge and guidance on these complex matters. Therefore, they overlook high human resources potential and the importance of their contribution is increasing year after year.

With the RSH accessibility becomes feasible in SMEs thanks to the aid they can benefit from.

Hactif RSH is essential to the needs of the company that does not manage to reach these objectives concerning its DOETH (Declaration of Obligatory Employment of Disabled Workers).

Hactif RSH supports them in the fields of disability in the workplace:

  • Carrying out diagnostics to better understand the problems linked to disability in the company;
  • Proposing solutions in accordance with the company's CSR strategies;
  • Support to reinforce and maintain the company's disability policy;
  • Training to better understand the specificities related to disabilities...

Action must be taken to democratise RSH in companies.

Together, we can and must be daring in taking a step to overcome the fears associated with disability...

Let us move towards an intelligent and sensitive living together by becoming aware of the inescapable interdependence of these people who are as competent as able-bodied people.


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